Here at Digital Nomad Design we design the majority of our websites within wordpress. We find that wordpress is a great tool for most businesses who are starting, or long established ones, because it’s incredibly flexible and secure.

Once a website is designed you need to pick a place to host it, and the options at this point can be incredibly overwhelming. So here is our rundown of our favourite 3 website hosts for hosting WordPress websites in 2021. 

All these hosts offer different packages, ranging from shared hosting to virtual private servers and private servers. Most small businesses can get away with either a shared hosting setup or a VPS, but bigger projects might require a private server.

Green Geeks – Best for speed and best for the environment

Unfortunately the machines that power the internet run on electricity, and that power comes at a considerable environmental cost. This hit us hard when it really dawned on us and we went in search of a better solution to hosting our WordPress websites.

We came across Green Geeks, who replace all the power that they need to run their servers by funding carbon sequestering projects. That means planting trees and helping forests re-grow.

As an online agency we were obviously also concerned about the speed of our creations, but a few tests revealed that the servers were among the fastest we have experienced. It’s for that reason that since 2020 we’ve begun hosting all our websites with Green Geeks, and haven’t looked back. The fantastic customer support they offer was the icing on the cake.

Siteground – Incredible customer service and great for developers

Next up in our round up are a hosting company called Siteground. They offer very advanced features to their customers, even on their shared hosting plans, which allow you to use tools for staging sites and using GIT to keep track of versions. Tools like this are really helpful for making updates and trying out new ideas without having to re-write databases and spend too much time on admin.

Siteground have tools allowing you to do migrations from within the cPanel login and make updates to multiple wordpress websites at the same time. 

Their support team are beyond fantastic, making them a great choice for people starting out on the web, and the servers are very responsive. Nice job, Siteground.

Host gator – Best for the bank, and great service

Now, whilst we wouldn’t rate host gator as highly as the hosts above in terms of power or customer service, they are not to be ignored earthier. Their hosting plans are incredibly affordable, and the service they provide is still perfectly acceptable for a lot of small businesses or individuals who are starting out.

You still get the familiarity of a cPanel login, which allows you to do things like create emails, manage your files and install WordPress and when you contact support you still get to talk to a real person.

They’re a good option for people who are wary to spend too much on something before starting out and we would vouch for them.

Whoever you are and whatever it is you are trying to do online, Digital Nomad Design are here to help you out. We offer hosting plans through Green Geeks and Siteground and would be happy to hear from you if you need help designing and developing your website.