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Digital Nomad Design specialise in

  • Beautiful, intuitive websites
  • Small businesses solutions
  • Customised e-commerce platforms
  • Captivating content and graphics
  • Sustainable web & email hosting
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts
  • Digital marketing services

Web Design

Make the most of your online space with a  website optimised for your business.

We design and develop beautiful, engaging, responsive websites that provide the best user experience possible.

We develop primarily on WordPress and Shopify with a design first approach that allows for full creativity and customisation to your needs.

Sustainably-Powered Hosting

Hosting websites is incredibly power hungry and for that reason we host everything we create on servers powered by  300% renewable energy.

What do we mean by 300%? Our hosting company replace 3 times the amount of energy they require to run their servers, taking us that much closer to being carbon neutral.

 Our laptops are charged using solar panels too so that’s another step in the right direction.


Content Creation

Take your website and social media channels to the next level with dynamic content and digital media.

Whether you need creative content to match your new web design or ongoing marketing services, we can help you communicate your brand and product to customers in a way that is authentic and compelling.